Pytov’s syntax


In pytov, blocks are now better.
You dont use colons to start a block, to use identation (and to get identation error).
With pytov, you simply start a block with { and end it with } (see example bellow), and the best part, the identation doesn’t matters!
if True{



In python, there are no multiline comments only """not a real comment, just a string""", but it gives you an error from time to time.
So to fix that, in pytov you can use multiline comments with bellow syntax.
This is a multiline comments
Just like in C languages (and almost every programming language except python), all you need to do, is just start it with / and *, and end it with * and /

print("the above text will not execute, because it is a comment, but this code will.")

Single Line

If before comming to python you programmed in other languages, you might got a few syntax errors on using // instead of # for single line comments, so to solve this issue, in pytov // this a single line comment too, and to perform floor division (originally by //) you can now use /_ (see example bellow).

if (1 /_ 3 == 0){
    print("new floor division syntax")
    // a single line comment

Boolean operators

Just like the single line comments issue, you might have also got a syntax error for using && or || or !. So again, in pytov, you can now use both them and the regular python boolean operators (and=&&, or=||, not=!).
if True && False{
    print("&& = and")
if True || False{
    print("|| = or")
if !False{
    print("! = not")

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